Monday, November 1, 2010

Midterm election projections for California

The Latino Journal is a nonpartisan publication focused on public policy and government from a Latino perspective.   The following reflects our projections for California mid-term elections based on the averages of polls taken since the primary election.  These only reflect those offices that have a national impact.

Poll Averages and Outcomes
Barbara Boxer, D (incumbent) vs. Carly Fiorina, R
Projected Winner:  Boxer by 4.8%
Governor - open
Meg Whitman, R vs. Jerry Brown, Jr., D
Projected Winner:  Brown by 6%
House District 3
Dan Lungren, R (incumbent) vs. Amerish Bera, D
Projected Winner:  Lungren by 7.5%
House District 11
Jerry McNerney, D (incumbent) vs. David Harmer, R
Projected Winner:  Harmer by 4.7%
House District 20
Jim Costa, D (incumbent) vs. Andy Vidak , R
Projected Winner:  Vidak by 3%
House District 47
Loretta Sanchez, D (incumbent) vs Van Tran, R
Projected Winner:  Sanchez by 2.3%


  1. Mr Obama is not Franklin Roosevelt or Winston Churchill but he is the best of the crop of babies born after the Hippy Boomers. Destroying everything that President Obama does is going to destroy the destroyers and harm the American People

    And during his life Franklin Roosevelt was hated by the worst fools, idiots, crackpots, madmen, wackos, clowns, lunatics, etc .... and FDR was also hated and opposed by nice intellectuals that later regretted, recanted and wept in apologies for their bad behavior towards a Great Statesman.

    After the Republican Victory in the 1994 Midterm Election, the arrogant Newt Gingrich tried to shut down the Government - He failed miserably in his political objectives and broke the GOP's Momentum.

    Two years later the Republicans were great losers. Bill Clinton was reelected and the Democrats were winning Congress again. This is what will happen to Republicans if they want to destroy Mr Obama and his Big Work ( Opus Magnum ) of a Great President.

    I love Mr Barack Obama and wife Michelle and hope the best of them, the stones in their long march will make them greater and more beloved by future generations.

    There are no roses without thorns.

    Vicente Duque

  2. The defeat of some Racists, Bigots and Extremists : Harry Reid defeats Sharron Angle in Nevada, Tom Tancredo loses the Governorship of Colorado to John Hickenlooper, Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina are defeated by Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer

    Washington Independent
    Tancredo, Angle, Whitman Lose After Anti-Illegal Immigration Campaigns
    By Elise Foley
    November 3, 2010 1:22 AM

    Some excerpts :

    A few pieces of good news for supporters of a more inclusive immigration policy: Harry Reid beat out Sharron Angle (R), who ran a campaign that relied heavily on anti-illegal immigration rhetoric, and immigration hawk Tom Tancredo lost the race for Colorado governor.

    Angle posed a serious threat to Reid, in spite of — or perhaps because of — rhetoric and advertising on immigration that frequently crossed the line into offensive territory, according to Latino groups. Angle claimed Reid supported a number of policies to help illegal immigrants and seemed to be attempting to capitalize on ethnic fears in ads that showed angry-looking Latino men set to dramatic, if untrue, statements.

    Tancredo also campaigned largely on immigration policy, accusing his Democratic opponent John Hickenlooper of supporting “sanctuary city” policies that allowed illegal immigrants to stay in the country and threaten American lives. Hickenlooper won the election.

    Vicente Duque