Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Harvard increases Latino student enrollment

BOSTON, MA - The latest figures from Harvard University show a record proportion of minority students admitted for the upcoming fall semester, with 11.8% of the school’s new students being African-American and another 12.1% Latino.
Among the 2009 intake, 10.8% of students at Harvard were African-American, compared with 8.2% at Princeton, and 7% at Yale. To put the data in some context, African-American students made up 14% of US college enrolments in 2008.

Harvard points to its outreach programs that send admissions officers across the country to pursue high-achieving students from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

The enrollment data of other Ivy League institutions has not been so diversified. Oxford University recently came under criticism when British Prime Minister David Cameron commented on the fact that only one Black person was admitted to the school in 2009.

SOURCE:  Harvard University Admissions

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