Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Latino legislator urges applying for Judicial appointments

Chairman of California's Latino Legislativer Caucus is appoin

As the Chair of the California Latino Legislative Caucus, it is my pleasure to inform you of the following opportunities for appointments to our State’s judicial courts:

  • One Supreme Court vacancy;
  • Vacancies on the Court of Appeals in the 3rd and 6th District;
  • 18 vacancies in the Superior Courts including two in Imperial, four in Los Angeles, two in Mendocino, three in Riverside, one in Sacramento, one in San Francisco, one in San Mateo, one in Santa Clara, one in Solano and one in Tuolumne.

I encourage you to identify nominees for these vacancies who are qualified and capable representatives of our community in effort to diversify our court system. Please share this information with potential candidates and encourage them to apply online through the Governor’s website at

Following the on-line application process, those seeking an endorsement from the California Latino Legislative Caucus can find the application process described on the attached document.

Thank you for aiding us in our effort to encourage and empower our community to be appointed to key positions in our state government.

Go to for the application process.

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