Monday, May 9, 2011

Hispanic Council to conduct leadership pipeline workshop

 Program would address challenges that affect the Hispanic leadership pipeline.

DALLAS, TX - Participants in the National Hispanic Corporate Council Corporate Development Program (NHCC-CEDP) have reached out to Hispanic youth to hold a "Journey to Excellence: Leaders in Action" Workshop on Saturday, May 21, from 2:00-5:00 pm at Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox School of Business in Dallas.  This three hour workshop will bring together 15 high potential Latino executives who've just completed the NHCC Corporate Executive Development Program at SMU and 15 highly qualified high school students from the Hispanic College Fund's (HCF) Dallas Hispanic Youth Institute (HYI) to address challenges that affect the Hispanic leadership pipeline.

  • 2010 Census data revealed that Hispanics are the largest minority group and fastest growing segment of the American population.  Yet they have the highest high school dropout rates and lowest college attendance of all major ethnic groups.
  • Recent research demonstrates that Hispanic or Latino leaders reach middle management faster than other groups but struggle to make the transition to executive positions.  Despite being the fastest growing talent pool in the U.S., Latinos represent a tiny fraction of "C-level" executives in corporate America.  This represents a fundamental problem not only for corporations seeking to serve the fast-growing Latino market, but also for the country's economic prosperity, as a critical and valuable talent segment remains untapped for key leadership positions.
Key topics and ideas will be presented at the workshop through a roundtable panel discussion.  Together, leaders and students will create an action plan for building awareness and removing barriers to create a win-win situation for future Hispanic leaders and their organizations.

"The NHCC continues to provide corporate America with resources and solutions as we work to address today's challenges in the marketplace," said Pat Martinez, President and CEO of the NHCC. "I am pleased to have the opportunity to engage our program participants in the process of increasing the Hispanic talent pipeline. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the Hispanic College Fund's youth program as they help us connect our Latino corporate executives with college bound students seeking to know 'How do I get to where you are now?' These students and program executives will have the opportunity to dialogue about this and much more. Today's Hispanic students need role models and we are connecting them with a group of leaders in the marketplace that are taking time to guide those that will be part of tomorrow's workforce.  Part of our responsibilities as leaders is to give back to the community and mentoring our youth is an exceptional way to move it forward."

"One of the leadership program's main purposes is to invigorate participants' involvement, as high potential corporate executives, in developing the Hispanic leadership pipeline," said Frank Lloyd, Associate Dean, Executive Education, SMU Cox.  "Fortunately, through its involvement with the Dallas HYI, SMU has a ready-made avenue for them to do so.  The CEDP is working—for the participants and for the on-coming generation of potential Hispanic leaders."

In 2009, SMU received the Hispanic College Fund's Legacy Award for leadership and investment in a diverse student population.  This marked the first time that an educational institution received this honor, which is typically given to federal agencies. SMU was chosen for its exceptional commitment to the recruitment of Hispanic students, the level of support provided to the Hispanic Youth Institute and its community leadership.

"We are pleased to have the NHCC and its CEDP participants supporting the Hispanic Youth Institute," said Dr. Carlos Santiago, chief executive officer of the Hispanic College Fund. "With their involvement, we are able to offer a unique learning experience for student alumni of our quality program in a key region where Hispanic students need the information, resources, and inspiration we provide. We look forward to seeing this partnership flourish and recognize NHCC's commitment to the education and professional development of our Latino youth."

In addition, NHCC CEDP participants and NHCC volunteers will be engaged in Hispanic Youth Institute events as part of the organization's commitment to community service and diversity.

About the NHCC-CEDP
The NHCC Corporate Executive Development Program (NHCC-CEDP), in partnership with SMU Cox Executive Education, accelerates the careers of high potential Hispanic managers through an educational experience focused on sustained behavior change that provides knowledge, skills and tools for maximizing strategic relationships within and outside their corporations.  The program will also develop Hispanic executives by supporting ongoing coaching and mentorship of its graduates.

About the HCF Hispanic Youth Institute
The Hispanic Youth Institute is a national program that begins the Hispanic College Fund's pipeline of programs helping students graduate from college, become professionals, and give back to the community. Beginning in the summer, 100-200 high school students experience a university campus for a four-day, three-night college empowerment program where students will learn to overcome both real and perceived barriers to college access.  Upon completion of the on-campus kick-off program, students are enrolled into year-round programming that reinforces the key themes of college, career and community, encouraging them to promote a college-going culture to their peers throughout the remainder of their high school years.

About SMU Cox Executive Education
SMU Cox Executive Education offers innovative and flexible programs that provide relevant and dynamic learning experiences for professionals, managers, and executives.  Programs develop leadership capability, business acumen, strategic thinking and decision making skills that improve performance.  Cox Executive Education works in partnership with client organizations to develop custom learning solutions to strategic business challenges.  These programs consistently win national awards for excellence in academic partnership.  Programs are offered at the SMU campus in the state-of-the-art James M. Collins Executive Education Center, as well as in-house for corporate clients.

SOURCE National Hispanic Corporate Council

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