Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Embattled UC Davis Chancellor to keynote Cesar Chavez Conference

UC Davis Chancellor Katehi Keynotes Chavez Youth Leadership
Conference Hosted at Cooley Middle School - March 24

Roseville, CA - Cooley Middle School in Roseville, CA is hosting the 12th Annual Cesar Chavez Youth Leadership Saturday, March 24 from 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

The conference is free and organized by the Latino Leadership Council, Hispanic Empowerment Association of Roseville and the Cooley Latino Club and seeks to encourage middle and high school students to explore their options for higher education. Any students in grades 6-12 or lower, community college students and parents are invited to participate in a full day of activities that include interactive workshops around leadership development, future educational opportunities and the importance of making good decisions.

The conference will also include an arts, education, jobs and health fair with over 40 vendors including PRIDE Industries, State Farm Insurance, Sutter Medical Hospital, UC Davis, Sierra College, American River College, Sacramento State and the National Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

Mariachis will entertain during the free breakfast from 8am to 9am and a free lunch will be served at 12 noon during a talent show with Ballet Folklorico de Woodland, Aztec and Bachata Dancers. Parent workshops begin at 9:30 am in the library and student workshops begin at 11am after the one-hour Kaiser Educational Theater Play “Secrets.” Afternoon workshops begins at 2:15pm.

The lunchtime keynote speaker is Linda P.B. Katehi, Chancellor of the University of the California, Davis, who will speak about immigrating from Greece as a young student to study engineering and eventually gaining a Ph.D and most recently named Chancellor at UC Davis in 2009. Dr. Katehi will speak on the importance of education in the Cesar Chavez Multi-Purpose
Room / Gymnasium.

Sessions for parents also will be available on navigating the U.S. educational system, educational opportunities for their children, and ongoing efforts to stop bullying and prevent
gang activity.  Student workshops will include motivational speakers from lawyers, nurses, authors, engineering, computer science and many others. More than 100 corporate and student
volunteers from AmeriCorp, area colleges and universities will assist in these efforts.

UC Davis Alumnus and Roseville City School District Board trustee Rene Aguilera, will deliver the opening welcome for the conference at 9am. Other notables that will participate
include Jack Duran, Supervisor, District 1, Placer County, Alice Perez, California Community College Trustee and California State University Trustee Melinda Guzman.

For more information about the conference go to the www.hear2000.org or Rene Aguilera, Conference Coordinator at 916-532-5998 or raguilera@surewest.net

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