Monday, April 2, 2012

Hispanics In Philanthropy to hold conference

HIP GameChangers Conference
Ideas and Investments for the Next Decade

April 27-28, 2012
Los Angeles, CA

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Increasing Philanthropic Resources for Latino Communities in the Next Decade

In December 2011, HIP and the Foundation Center released a report that about one percent of foundation giving is targeted to organizations and programs that primarily serve Latino communities. This figure has remained the same in the past ten years, while the Hispanic population has grown by 43 percent. While the Latino community's growth is rapidly changing the U.S. political landscape, Latino immigrants have become the targets of draconian immigration laws and racial profiling, and major socioeconomic divisions persist. The average Latino family has ten cents in assets for every dollar that the average white family has. Across the country, half of Latino students drop out of high school, and Latinos now make up a majority of the population sent to federal prison for felonies. Philanthropy has a responsibility to lead change.

To move the needle on these disturbing trends, we need to make bigger, smarter investments in Latino communities. To that end, Hispanics in Philanthropy is sponsoring HIP GameChangers, a series of briefings, reports and forums-both online and in-person-bringing together funders and other leaders to identify the "GameChangers" for Latinos in the next decade. Throughout the campaign, we'll seek to answer these pressing questions:

  How can we address the structural underfunding of Latino communities and increase philanthropic investments in Latinos?
  Why are Latinos underfunded and what will it take for change?
  How can funders make strategic investments to advance social change in the policy areas that most affect Latinos, such as education access, health disparities, immigration, and political empowerment?
  What cutting-edge models, emerging technologies, and promising new initiatives have the potential to be GameChangers to increase and sustain long term investments in Latino social justice issues?

The campaign will include a national conference for foundation CEOs, philanthropic leaders, academic experts, and community leaders in Los Angeles on April 27-28.

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