Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hispanic Chamber to hold Legislative Conference

California’s small business owners to converge in Sacramento
to discuss California’s economic future

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. – The California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce (CAHCC) will be hosting its 18th Annual Legislative Conference May 15, 2012 at the Sacramento Convention Center where numerous chamber leaders, business owners and Hispanic community leaders from throughout the state will be participating and discussing the state's economic future. 

Conference participants will interact with policy experts, legislative and executive branch leaders on issues affecting California’s Hispanic and small business communities.  Topics include: economic development, job growth and workforce investment, contracting opportunities and California’s political landscape.

The CAHCC’s Legislative Conference provides a unique opportunity for Hispanic small business owners and chamber leaders to network with other businesses throughout the state, engage in the legislative process, and learn more about policy issues effecting small businesses in California.

“It is important that our business owners and leaders are knowledgeable about the issues facing California and its economic success.  They must become engaged as a stakeholder in public policy that affect business and economic growth in California,” said Roy M. Perez Chairman of CAHCC.

The all-day event includes several detailed panel discussions hosted by policy and political experts and elected government officials that provide attendees with an opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussions about policy and political issues specific to California’s small business community.

“We encourage Hispanic and small business owners, chamber and community leaders to attend this invaluable conference,” said President and CEO of CAHCC, Julian Canete. “The conference provides small business owners the ability to engage our elected and appointed leaders in Sacramento about issues that affects their business as well as provides them an opportunity to express their opinions on relevant public policy issues.”

For more information about the CAHCC’s 18th Annual Legislative Conference, please visit the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce’s website at 


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