Thursday, June 7, 2012

California's Hispanic Chamber sees changes at the top

The California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Announce New Chairman of the Board
Ernie Gutierrez to succeed Roy Perez in Role

SACRAMENTO, CA - The California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce announced today that Ernie Gutierrez, the organization’s current Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, has been named its new Chairman of the Board, effective immediately.  He succeeds Roy Perez, who has resigned his position for personal reasons.  

“We understand Roy’s decision to resign after having served the CAHCC with care and commitment for over seven years and after having had a long career that has spanned four decades.  His tenure included growing the Central Region chambers as flourishing chapters with active members, providing leadership training to the four Chamber regions on an annual basis, and establishing sponsorship relationships with key corporate constituencies,” said Julian Canete, the organization’s chief executive officer.  “He leaves behind a CAHCC that remains vibrant and wholly committed to its strategy of helping Latino small businesses in California succeed.”

“Ernie, our new Chairman of the Board, inherits a strong and talented Board of Directors and a committed staff that will appreciate his impressive breadth of experience,” Canete said.  “Ernie is a thoughtful leader and has demonstrated the kind of superior business and non-profit acumen that makes him uniquely qualified to be the CAHCC’s next Chairman.  His entrepreneurial success story serves as an inspiration to the millions of Latino entrepreneurs that make up the fastest growing business demographic.”

“I am honored to assume leadership responsibility for the CAHCC Board, and I am committed to continue growing the organization on its already solid foundation,” said Gutierrez.  “We will be focused on supporting our member Chambers with ongoing resources and training to help Latino small businesses thrive, developing and fostering corporate sponsors, and building on state and national legislative agendas with relevant advocacy that best serve our chamber members.”

Gutierrez is the president and chief executive officer of a Hispanic 500 business, Allied Industries, Inc.  Headquartered in Los Angeles and founded in 1997, Allied Industries provides environmental remediation, construction and renewable energy services throughout the Western United States.   Gutierrez has received notable distinctions and honors, including Inc. 5000’s “Fastest Growing Companies” award in 2010, 2011 and 2012, “Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist” in 2011 from Ernst & Young, the “Business Elite Award” in 2010 from the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and “Fastest Growing Business” award in 2010 from Hispanic Business Magazine.

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