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Welcome to The Journal On Latino Americans.

Unlike the many other publications targeted at the Latino market, our focus is to bring you information about the people in America that are doing something about the issue.  So welcome and experience our growth.  We are certain that together we can make a difference.

The Journal On Latino Americans has captured the attention of online readers, with over 1,200 hits in our first week, which has now grown to over 600 readers per day nationwide.

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  1. Hello--
    I am a filmmaker in Lawrence, Kansas. One of my passions is making short films in Mexico that portray aspects of life there that so may Americans don't see due to the incessant media focus on
    Drugs and violence. My latest is called La Pizza y El Amor, exploring in a humorous way the relationship between food and love. Here is the link to the film-- if you feel your membership would be interested in seeing it, feel free to send out the link.
    Best regards,
    Steve Lerner

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